For International Patients

Smile Architect has emerged as a prime multi-speciality dental care institute all over the country as well as world-wide. We have numerous awards for providing world-class treatment. A team of medical experts and friendly staff makes us stand differently. In addition, the state-of-the-art infrastructure, homely ambience, leading-edge technologies, 24×7 consultants, helps in enhancing our glory and position. Our goal is to bring a beautiful smile to each individual’s face.

The number of international patients seeking treatment to Smile Architect is showing a remarkable increase every year. We serve the international patients with high-quality and cost-effective treatment. Bangalore-the Silicon Valley of India is a perfect place for tourist attraction. We are located at the heart of the city and only a few kilometres away from international We make every possible arrangements for the incoming international patients and their families. We provide specially trained coordinators to assist the patients and their family members in every possible way. Prior to the patient’s arrival, the needs of the individual along with the medical history is clearly analysed through email or video talks. Our special services to international patients include: 

  • Assistance in booking tickets, airport pick and drop, and exclusive hotel facility
  • Prior appointments for consultation
  • Special room service
  • Guided tours around the city

Post-treatment, the patient is accommodated in a calm and infection-free environment. This helps in fast recovery. We ensure quality treatment to our patients at an affordable price. We look into all aspects to make the patient’s stay here comfortable and memorable.

Cost in Indian Rupees
1.   Consultation(one time only) Without xray RS. 100
 2.  Consultation(one time only) With xray RS. 200
3.   Scaling and polishing RS. 500-800
4.   Teeth whitening(bleaching)
Home whitening RS. 3500 onwards
Office whitening RS. 5000 onwards
Laser whitening RS. 10000 onwards
5.  Tooth Jewellery RS. 2500-6000
6.  Tooth Restoration(filling) RS. 500-800
7.  Root Canal Treatment RS. 2000-3000
8.  Extraction Regular RS. 500
Wisdom tooth RS. 1500-3000
 9.  Ceramic Crown
Regular RS. 3000 onwards
With 10 year warranty RS. 4500-5000
Zirconia (3M) RS. 12000 onwards
10.  Veneers and Laminate RS.6000-8000/per tooth
11.  Periodontal surgery(Flap Surgery/gum surgery)
Regular RS.3000-4000 per arch
Laser surgery RS. 5000-6000 per arch
12.  Gum shaping / Depigmentation
Regular RS. 6,000 onwards
Laser RS. 10,000 onwards
13.  Dental Implant RS. 30,000 onwards
14.  Orthodontic (Braces)
Metal RS. 20,000 onwards
Self Ligating metal (Damon) RS. 40,000 onwards
Ceramic RS. 30,000 onwards
 Self ligating ceramic  RS. 50,000 onwards
 Lingual(CAD-CAM based)  RS. 60,000- 90,000 onwards
Clear Aligners (German technology) RS. 30,000 onwards
Invisible Braces RS. 90,000 onwards
15.  Retainers
Regular Rs. 1000 onwards
Invisible retainer (removable) Rs. 1500 onwards
16.  Permanent retainer Rs. 2000 onwards